Kelly Ripa Shares Concerns about Her Senior Dog’s Health

Kelly Ripa, co-host of the morning show “Live with Kelly and Mark,” recently opened up about her concerns regarding her 17-year-old dog’s health. On a recent episode, she revealed that her beloved furry friend had a “really bad day.”

Chewie, a rescue dog adopted by Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos in 2007, is showing signs of age-related issues. Kelly expressed her worry as she described how her senior dog seemed disoriented and exhibited concerning behaviors.

“I’m concerned. Like, I don’t want to be here, like I feel like I need to get home,” Kelly shared with Mark and the audience. She further explained that Chewie had walked into a wall and even fallen over, indicating the challenges of having an aging pet.

Kelly empathized with other pet owners who have experienced similar situations, where their furry companions couldn’t express their discomfort. “It’s torture. It’s really torture. Because she can’t tell you,” she said, expressing the emotional toll it takes on her.

Despite her distraction, Kelly and Mark continued with the show, highlighting their resilience during a challenging time. Notably, their other dog, Lena, a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix, brings joy and companionship to their lives as well.

Kelly’s genuine concern for Chewie reflects the love and dedication many pet owners feel for their aging pets. She shared that Chewie communicates with her through her eyes, as if saying, “Can you believe this?” The bond between pet and owner is evident in these small moments of connection.

In a tribute to both of her dogs on National Puppy Day, Kelly expressed the sentiment many pet owners can relate to – the struggle of leaving a beloved furry friend at home while going to work. She hopes that Chewie can hang in there and continues to cherish the moments they have together.

Kelly Ripa’s open discussion about her senior dog’s health resonates with many pet owners who understand the challenges of caring for aging pets. Her concern and love for Chewie highlight the special bond between humans and their furry companions.


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