It’s very easy to respond to the good. The great thing is to respond to evil with good!

I don’t think it’s very hard for you to thank after someone has helped you in one way or another, to smile back at a man who greeted you with a smile or to do something for someone to respond to a beautiful deed. It will never be hard for you to give a gift to a man you love, it will never be hard for you to be kind to someone who is kind to you.


Can you do the same with people who have not been so understanding with you? Not only did they not offer you help, but they also put sticks in your wheels? Can you give them a smile and a blessing when you meet on the street? Can you forget the unhappiness they caused you just as God forgives our sins, never remembering them? Are you able to give only good in exchange for evil? Is it just a smile or a blessing?


It’s really a great thing to do good back to a man who at one point did something that hurt you in one way or another, but that’s how you show God to the world around you. Good is the most beautiful thing you can do for anyone, anytime, no matter how big or small your deed is. Being kind to people who have done you good is extremely good, because it gives you a beautiful feeling, you want them to feel what you felt when they saved you. But the real challenge of life is to do the same with people who are not willing to do you good … It is difficult and it hurts, because you have to overcome your pride, but the outcome of your deeds will show you that nothing is left unrewarded. or unpunished!


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