You cry sometimes ….

People need to cry. No matter how strong you want to be in front of your friends or family, at some point you will give up for a reason, a reason that you really care about. Crying at that moment is not bad. It is a proof of the fact that you are a man who feels, who is alive and who appreciates what he has or wants to do well.


God hears us clearly when we cry, when we return to Him with all our heart, and when we ask forgiveness for how much we have made Him suffer … when we become aware of His love, I think we will like little children in the arms of a loving parent. In those moments, you cry with all your heart and thank Him for how much He loves you. Fear not.


Don’t let emotions take over you and make you forget who you are, be very careful that your worries don’t overwhelm you. When you need it, talk about what is bothering you, pray and leave everything in your hands to God. Stop letting the words or judgment of others affect you and guide your steps, because someone will always be more than happy to ruin your happiness and destroy you. Stay with God and listen to Him, not those around you. Don’t let yourself be driven by the nerves and anxiety of others.


You cry before God if you feel that way. His love for you will cheer you up very quickly, even if you may be going through extremely difficult times. Do not be perplexed, for He has not forgotten you. You cry when you feel the need, even if you think it is out of place for an adult. It’s not at all. We are children all our lives, children of God … and we need His guidance so much!


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