About hate …

We all know the “haters” … they are the people who frequently use the phrase “Who is me, that one?”. There are those people who always have a comment to make on anything. They have an opinion about anything and everyone, most of the time being both unfounded and erroneous. These people, the “haters”, don’t really want to hurt anyone, but they love to comment. And yet, even if they use their identity online without any embarrassment, face to face they dare not behave or speak as they do behind their home monitors.


The power of haters is limited to the degree of attention they receive. The more we take them into account, the more zealously they fulfill their “goal”. We encourage them to continue, responding to their vicious attacks, wanting to dispel their poisonous claims … and why so much work in vain? They don’t really want the people around them to suffer terrible things or what they “wish” for, but just to bother, to sting. Why? I have no idea … probably out of lack of occupation, out of boredom, out of the desire to pay attention and to feed their pride … maybe that’s how they understand that they become “someone”.


A fulfilled man will never take revenge on those who are not as “good” as he is. He will never throw harsh words just for the sake of being heard. I know it’s annoying, I know the normal reaction is to respond to their evils. I know you would say a lot, but don’t. Have pity on these people who fail to get what they want and sprinkle mud around to bring the rest down to their level …. We must not hate these people, because they are worthy of pity. They don’t want to hurt anyone, they just want to be taken into account, to get angry … to provoke any reaction. However, it is difficult to do something good to be praised for. It is much easier to get angry and comment in vain than to think well … and this is their tactic. I’m actually naked inside … and this is crying.


The best remedy against these haters is to ignore them. Let them do their number if that’s all they can do. They will not enjoy your evil, but they will have something to comment on if you are doing well. They will have something to apostrophize, because they have nothing, but they build in their imaginary world an enormous self-esteem that they use as a mask. It’s all just an appearance, because I don’t know how else to stand out.


Don’t even bother to make them understand that they were wrong. They don’t really care and you will fight the windmills, while giving them the satisfaction of ruining your day. Don’t bother to understand them, because you really have nothing to understand. They don’t want to be understood because they don’t really have anything to say. Stay in the shadows nicely, and after they realize that the begging for attention didn’t work, they’ll leave nicely to find another target … or I hope for a better purpose in life.


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