If you try too hard to please others …

The only time you really need to be ashamed of who you are is when you do something that you know is upsetting God. Otherwise, nothing matters. Regardless of the standard of living that the people you happen to talk to have, never be ashamed that you are not used to doing the same things with them or you do not have the same thinking with them.


Don’t be afraid to be yourself and, above all, don’t try to look like someone else. Be polite to everyone around you, but don’t flatter and don’t bother to please others just because you want them to have a good opinion of you. Don’t do things you are aware of that will only destroy you because others find them cool. When you can’t find your place somewhere, simply be yourself, and if others will judge you, it’s their job.


Don’t lie and never exaggerate about the things you did or didn’t do. Don’t bother to look like someone else by attributing to yourself facts you never did and ideas you never had. You will never be able to please everyone and it really doesn’t matter if this happens! Don’t change for the sake of an entourage that can be toxic to you, because now you think it’s cool.


Strengthen your healthy principles, strengthen your faith in God and you will find your identity very easily because He will guide you to go where you belong. You may find it interesting to experience a lot of things because those around you paint them in a colorful light, but once you get to know those facts, you will realize that there is nothing special about them, even more so. , you will probably wake up when it will be very difficult for you to escape.


Be very careful not to lose yourself for the sake of others. People are disfellowshipped and you will always find some who will judge you. Go your own way and don’t change as the wind blows, because you can think for yourself, you don’t need others to do it for you.


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