How a Handyman Can Help You Deal with Squatters

Dealing with squatters can be a nightmare, and it’s not something many people anticipate. But fear not, because there are experts out there who can help. Flash Shelton, a renowned handyman and founder of the United Handy Man Association, has some valuable advice that can assist you in handling this challenging situation.

Flash Shelton: A Helping Hand for Homeowners

Flash Shelton and his organization, the United Handy Man Association, aim to connect handymen with customers. They ensure that their employees have all the necessary background certifications, licenses, and insurance. They also assist handymen in meeting these qualifications and starting their businesses. Flash Shelton’s extensive knowledge and dedication to sharing it have made him a popular figure on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Expert Tips to Remove Squatters

Flash Shelton personally experienced the distress caused by squatters who took advantage of his grieving mother after his father passed away. Determined to help others facing similar situations, he developed a technique to deal with squatters effectively. His strategy involved posing as a tenant, introducing himself to the squatters, and making them aware that he was the new owner. He then took measures such as installing security cameras and gradually asserting control over the property.

Safety Comes First

It’s important to prioritize safety when dealing with squatters. Many of them are homeless due to substance abuse or untreated mental health issues, which can make their behavior unpredictable and even violent. Flash Shelton strongly advises against attempting to confront squatters on your own, as it can be dangerous. However, he is willing to step in and help. In certain cases, he will have the homeowner add his name to the tenants’ list, creating a new lease agreement that encourages the squatters to leave on their own accord.

Flash Shelton has personally assisted families in California with removing squatters, and he is even willing to offer tips and ideas to families in other states through Zoom calls. He emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation and understanding the individuals involved in order to handle the situation peacefully. Certifications in de-escalation techniques enable him to stay calm and in control without resorting to physicality or heightened tensions.

Spotting the Signs of Squatters

While Flash Shelton’s advice is invaluable, it’s essential to remember that dealing with squatters can be legally complex. Squatters fall into different categories, and understanding the legalities is crucial. Additionally, squatters often have no regard for the person they have illegally moved in with, which can lead to property damage, stolen belongings, invasion of privacy, and safety risks for homeowners and their families.

Taking the Right Steps

When faced with squatters, landlords and homeowners should follow certain steps to legally remove them from the property. It is illegal to shut off utilities or change locks without going through the proper eviction process. Start by contacting the police, as they may be able to remove the squatters or guide you on whether a civil suit is necessary. Serving an eviction notice is the next step, which legally compels the squatters to leave. In some cases, this may be enough for them to vacate the premises voluntarily.

If the squatters remain after receiving the notice, file a civil lawsuit against them for their illegal use of the property. While there may be a cost associated with taking squatters to court, the outcome will be well worth it when you can lawfully remove them from the property, once and for all.

Keep in mind that each state has its own laws regarding squatters’ rights, so it’s essential to contact a local legal professional and familiarize yourself with your state’s specific regulations. Websites like E-Forms provide lists of rules applicable to each state, offering valuable information to help you navigate the legal process effectively.


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