Concerns About Biden’s Cognitive Decline and Health Issues

President Biden, who will turn 86 at the end of his second presidency, has been raising concerns about his cognitive deterioration and overall health. These concerns stem from various mishaps, blunders, and signs of disorientation that have been observed during his first term in office. Experts in the medical field are worried that the stress of another presidency may worsen his condition and increase the likelihood of on-screen accidents.

Dr. Elena Mucci, a geriatrician, and member of the American College of Physicians, expressed her concerns about Biden’s health and advised against him campaigning for a second term. She emphasized that most healthcare professionals, including geriatricians and cardiologists, would agree that it is not suitable for an 86-year-old to become president. Dr. Mucci cited Biden’s history of health issues, including atrial fibrillation and heart ailments, which may limit his activity and ability to perform his duties.

Dr. Stuart Fischer, an internal medicine physician, highlighted the risks associated with Biden’s use of blood thinners. Falling or sustaining injuries while taking these drugs can lead to serious consequences like internal bleeding. The frequency and severity of falls also tend to increase with age, making the situation even more precarious for Biden.

In addition, Biden’s high cholesterol raises the risk of heart attack, stroke, or kidney disease. As we age, the blood supply to vital organs gradually becomes impaired, increasing the chances of poor circulation. This further adds to the concerns about his overall health and suitability for the presidency.

Recent polls have shown that a significant number of Americans, including Democrats, do not want Biden to run for a second term. Age appears to be the main concern among respondents. Experts like Dr. Fischer stress the heightened level of responsibility that comes with being the oldest president in history, emphasizing that no one can defy the effects of aging and perform at the top of their game.

Despite the growing concerns about cognitive decline, Biden has not publicly addressed or acknowledged these concerns. However, doctors and experts in the field believe that downplaying cognitive difficulties is common among individuals experiencing them. Dr. Mucci believes that Biden is aware of his condition but chooses not to openly acknowledge it to avoid losing the presidency.

Dr. Dung Trinh, an internal medicine physician, asserted that Biden’s health issues and old age increase the risk of dementia. As we age, there is a gradual loss of brain volume, and the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease doubles every five years. Mild symptoms of cognitive decline are observed in a significant percentage of individuals in their mid-80s.

Dr. Todd Grande, a mental health expert, noted that Biden’s reasoning and memory abilities are impaired, making it difficult to see how he is fit to be president under these circumstances.

While Biden’s official physician gave him a clean bill of health in February, his gaffes and slips of the tongue continue to raise concerns. These incidents, along with other visual signs of disorientation, are seen by experts like Dr. Mucci as indications of deterioration.

Regardless of whether these instances are a sign of an underlying issue or natural aging, Dr. Mucci believes that an effective president, especially in old age, must be sharp and capable of making important decisions quickly. The challenges and responsibilities of the presidency require a high level of brain processing speed, something that may decline with age.

In conclusion, concerns about President Biden’s cognitive decline and health issues have become a topic of discussion. Experts in the medical field stress the risks associated with his age, health conditions, and use of medication, which may affect his ability to perform his duties effectively. The public’s hesitation about his age and cognitive decline is a valid concern when considering his suitability for a second term.


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