Discovering the Fascinating World of Bread-End Names

Have you ever wondered what the end of bread is called? Well, it turns out that people are just now discovering that this humble piece of bread has a specific name. And not only that, but different regions have different names for it! This revelation has sparked a heated debate online, thanks to a Twitter account called ‘No Context Brits’ that loves to share random snippets of British life.

The tweet that started it all simply said, “Settle the debate once and for all,” with a picture of the last piece of bread. Celebrities and internet users jumped in with their own suggestions, and the results were fascinating.

In the United States, the end of bread is commonly known as the ‘heel’. But across the pond in the United Kingdom, people have come up with a variety of creative names. From ‘knobby’ and ‘doormat’ to the more traditional ‘crust’, it seems that everyone has their own preference.

So, which name is correct? Well, the answer is, all of them! Language is constantly evolving, and if one day someone decides to call it the “me no likey piece”, that could very well become the new name. But there are certainly some terms that are more popular than others.

An informal survey conducted on Reddit revealed that the most popular name for the end of bread was ‘heel’, with 37% of respondents choosing this term. ‘The end’ came in second place with 28% of the votes, followed by ‘the butt’ at 20%, and ‘the crust’ at 13%.

Interestingly, different regions within the United States also have their own unique names for this bread end. In Florida, one person referred to it as the “booty”. Meanwhile, in The Netherlands, it is called ‘Kontje’, which supposedly translates to ‘little butt’ (although Google has a different translation).

Even Denmark and Finland have joined in on the bread-end naming game, using terms like ‘end washers’ and ‘stock piece’. It seems that no matter where you go, people have their own quirky ways of referring to this little slice of bread.

But perhaps the best name for the end of bread comes from the United States of Ukraine (yes, you read that right). They simply call it the ‘Piece of Sh*t That No One Likes’. Quite a fitting name, don’t you think?

So, what do you call the end of bread? Share your thoughts and let’s continue to unravel the mysteries of bread-end names together.


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