Here’s how smart women are …

I do not share the general opinion that an intelligent woman is one who knows how to take advantage of physical qualities to get what she wants from various “gentlemen”. Material realization is one, happiness and fulfillment are totally different things. So you can have all the nonsense you want, but that doesn’t mean you actually have anything. I don’t understand how you manage to live in a huge house alone and be happy … or share your life with someone you can’t stand just for the sake of offering you certain goods. I don’t even understand why you would sacrifice the best years of your life for the sake of a fortune. Where’s the intelligence in this whole business? When did cars, jewelry, and designer clothes succeed in replacing the need for love, when did they move from simple things to a “way of fulfillment”?


An intelligent woman knows how to love herself. By loving her, valuing herself as a human being, she will never be treated like a piece of meat. Unfortunately, many of us do not learn this lesson at the right time and end up regretting the decisions we made too early. Laziness is probably to blame, I’m not saying no. It is very easy for a 20-year-old woman to take advantage of her physical qualities, put aside work and thought, and throw herself into the arms of the first man with money who gets in her way. Sounds good to be pampered on a beach at 20 or so, who knows what private island, right? But does it sound as good to have a man next to you on the couch who you don’t love, but with whom you have to share your bed, then pretend to be in love? … Because you have to pay him all the things it offers you …


A smart woman chooses to love. He chooses to love because he understands that without love life is in vain. She chooses to hold in her arms the man she loves with all her heart and with whom she can’t wait to share the rest of her time in this world and even the other, with whom she can’t wait to have a family. For this woman, the material situation is not a barrier. She understood who her soul mate was and would not give it up for anything in the world for part of her life. She will let him conquer her, she will give him everything she has without blinking. She understood that two people destined to be together must stay together, she understood that any obstacles can be broken in two when the only thing that guides them is love.


The smart woman knows that the man next to her has everything for nothing, if she is only a trophy for him. He knows that he has to work to achieve it, he knows that if he has them all on the tray without doing anything for them, he will never be fulfilled. She knows she has to accomplish something on this earth, and she’s willing to fight to do it. A smart woman is a happy woman because she knows that all evils are over. She understands that it is extremely important what you leave behind and she wants to do her part of the job, of which she is proud. She knows that she will have everything she wants (whether she is a convinced family member or a successful career), but she is not willing to make compromises that she regrets just for the sake of shortening time there. She is willing to get involved, to fight with her boyfriend or husband, to have patience.


Maybe before you can be a smart woman, you have to go through disappointments. But I think there are enough smart women to learn the “recipe for success.” Happiness involves work, investment of feelings, time and patience. You don’t have to try to link your life to someone you depend on, who you don’t love, but who sponsors you … Because you really won’t have anything. It is important to set your goal as happiness, not wealth. Make no compromises that you will later regret, wait for your Handsome Boy, and when you feel that you have found him, accept him even if he does not come on horseback. Be smart to be happy!


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