Since when are the years a number for age?

Age is just a number. I think I’ve heard this line thousands of times before, and most of the time it came from very old people. I judged this for a long time, I thought that this argument is just an excuse for them, that they are afraid or embarrassed to admit that they have little to live for, that they live in an imaginary world where they imagine that they are still in their early youth . It was only recently that I understood what this really meant, and I was made goosebumps when I realized how much I had been wrong so far, how much I had judged, and when I noticed how much smoldering wickedness was hidden in my thoughts … Because I -he was afraid of aging.


There are people 20 years older than some 75. There are people who, when they look in the mirror, see a 20-year-old boy even after they retire. There are people who live every day and people who only exist. There are people who love life, who shoot every minute and enjoy every nonsense that happens to them … and there are people who let it pass them by without even caring. These people allowed themselves to be hurt, they let the good things go … Why? Now they don’t know either … I don’t know how to love or laugh anymore, I don’t know how to dream. The latter are old people … and we meet them in people as young as a few.


Physical strength can be maintained or not. That depends on each of us (sports and food, but it’s no longer a secret). The helplessness that comes with age is normal, it depends on us how much we can delay it. However, at some point it will appear, more or less intense, but this should not discourage or upset us, make us give up everything that is more beautiful, but teaches us that we must adapt to a new situation. Then we have to find things we can do to the end with flying colors, not get upset that we can’t move mountains. The important thing is to keep our soul young and that is not difficult if we really want to. If we have worked our whole lives, we can calm down, see new places, read, look around, admire all that God has left for us … or we can regret that we can no longer stand 5 hours, that we don’t have so many kilograms as in I don’t know what good period, that we have to go to the bathroom more often … it’s everyone’s choice how they live their life and I think that often there is room for better.


You can be old before you’re 20. Wickedness, contempt, envy, quarreling only consume you prematurely. Love, fight, smile even when it’s hard for you, because at some point you will believe your smile and you will overcome your problems. Don’t let time make you old, but live beautifully! Do things that please you, help, thank and believe that it will be good! Thus, your soul will remain young and only experience and wisdom will increase!


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