Why are we getting married?

What do you think? Why are we getting married? (And I’m really waiting for your opinions on the page or in the comments) What do we know should happen after the wedding? What is the goal we seek to achieve by creating a family?


It is possible that in the first years after the wedding we live a magic and everything is pink, but what happens after? What happens when we see that our partner is different, that he has different opinions from ours? What if we find it far too difficult to share space and time with someone? Well, we continue, because we are not alone in this difficult journey we are embarking on!


God has made an incredible promise to us: that if both partners trust Him, He is with them in every step of the marriage. (“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20).) God loves the family! He created it, He blesses it! By loving one another, we honor God. Isn’t it loud? What more could we want than to know that God is with us non-stop!


I sincerely believe that the purpose of marriage is not to fulfill us in any way. Society often teaches us to marry for various accomplishments: to have a child (what’s the point of living without one or more children?), To earn more money together, to share our loneliness with someone, to be happy. I don’t think the purpose of marriage is to make you happy in any way, but to shape you and help you become more and more like Jesus.


I don’t think everything will be milk and honey forever. Just as I am sure that there will be beautiful moments, I am convinced that there will be difficulties. The man next to us is a real man, not a perfect man, so at some point he will disappoint us. The man next to us will hurt us more than anyone else, because he is the man we love the most in the world. In marriage we learn to forgive, we learn to be patient, we learn to put ourselves in second place and take care of other people. Therefore, the man next to us will be the one through whom God will work in our lives many times.


Everything that happens in our family will be seen in the behavior we have towards other people: we will forgive more easily anyone who makes mistakes, we will not be disappointed by the gestures or words of others, we will be more patient, we will endure much the presence of other people in our lives is easier, even if we are introverts. And most importantly, we will learn to love people more and more. And isn’t love the essence of faith in God? He Himself loves us so much that He died for us, knowing that we will continue to err. How many of us love so much that we make the same sacrifice?


When Jesus came to earth, Jesus told us that “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me ”(John 14: 6), and the ways in which God teaches us to become like Him are very inventive. Family is one of these ways many times. And we are very stubborn. But God is jealous! He only wants us for Him, He wants to make us happy with Him, because He knows that otherwise is not possible, so He will help us in our struggle.


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