Her eyes always betray her!

No matter how hard a woman tries to hide, her eyes will always betray her (unless she has been specially trained to be a secret agent and has taken control lessons, but this option is much less likely). Even if she doesn’t tell you that she loves you, you will see the truth if you look at her. A woman has a certain warmth in her eyes even when she is nervous about the one she loves …. only then you have to look more closely than usual.


However, in her eyes you will be able to read the indifference when she feels it. You will see fulfillment, happiness, fulfillment, devotion, but you may also see frustration, irritation, fatigue … and more and more …


Look into the eyes of the woman next to you when you meet them with your male friends. Then you will see everything you need to see about it. If you just make them shine and smile, then do well and be very careful. I know it’s painful, but you can’t control some things.


Women are pretty easy to read, only men don’t pay much attention to the things that really matter. Maybe out of superficiality, maybe out of lack of knowledge … but if she did it right, she wouldn’t be able to complain later about the misfortune that befell them … there are enough women whose eyes are clear, but you just have to open his eyes and see them!


P.S .: Ladies, there are also men who deserve to know these things, so don’t take it for granted that I’m leaving the house. : D


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