Don’t expect to have a beautiful relationship if you constantly complain to your friends and family about the man next to you!

How do you, as a human and cerebral being, react if you hear your girlfriend constantly complaining about her boyfriend? Isn’t it logical that you urge her out of a relationship that only brings her bitter sighs? Which doesn’t make her happy in any way? … because, you have no way of knowing how much she likes to victimize herself and gain compassion, even if in reality she may not hate her relationship.


The idea is very simple: both your parents and friends are people who care about you enormously. How can a man who loves you agree to live next to someone who doesn’t make you happy? How do you expect to integrate your boyfriend into your world if the image you previously created is a terrible one? How do you expect him to be received if you constantly complain about one thing at a time?


Your parents will be more affected by your dramas than you realize. How can you expect to receive him with open arms when they consider that everything you receive from him is cause for suffering? And the funny thing is that in the end you’re still the one who wonders why the people around you are so bad with him, when you know them and you know how wonderful they really are … and this thing gets frustrating.


Remember, what’s in your yard is in your yard. If the man next to you makes you really unhappy, well run away eating the earth next to him, because no one forces you to sacrifice yourself, no matter how dear it would be for you to complain about where you can … and if it makes you happy , learn to always appreciate him, not just when you are with him. You don’t have to be pretended to be … to know she’s not wearing anymore. It’s good to grow and mature! Mature and solve your own problems … if there really is one.


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