Do not dare to put God in second place! He puts you first!

It’s tragic-comic how people worry about anything but God. We often forget to thank Him for everything He has done and is doing for us, we forget the promises we make to Him. And yet, He forgives us every time and waits for us with open arms … that maybe man decides to open our eyes and see that the real purpose of our lives should not be a mountain of money or whatever. what achievements we have nothing to do with once we close our eyes … even if he knows in advance which path each of us will choose.


That’s how we humans are. We tend to give importance to the house we live in, the clothes we wear, the way our bodies look, but we forget to give importance to God, who gave us everything, and we tend to believe that we do everything ourselves. because something is blinding us.


We forget to ask Him … we forget to ask Him to be with us, we forget to ask Him to change our hearts and help us, we forget to ask Him to take care of us, we forget to ask Him to forgive us because we prefer to do nothing but follow Him. We forget that we have it all because of Him and that in fact, all we need is our faith and His love! That way we won’t miss anything even when everything seems to be falling apart … because in those moments we only have the impression that we have nothing. In fact, we can have everything, especially His peace!


We prefer to get where we intend in more … earthly ways. We prefer to fight the windmills, not ask Him to put things in order. We would rather be bad with those who hurt us than ask Him to heal our hearts and get us out of difficult situations … to help us forgive them for what they have done to us.


How many times was God the first thing you thought of when you had something … anything to do …? I have the same problem. I’m still struggling with bad thoughts, I’m still pissed off before I ask Him to calm me down … I’m still proud of what I did before I thanked Him for being there, by my side, and for teaching me … Cough, I know how much he loves me and each of us.


I’m trying to get where I need to be, and that’s just with His help. What do you think?


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