Good things do not go away from us, but we let them go.

It’s pretty simple to think nicely if you want to. Wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever you wear, just ask yourself: Is God proud of me right now, for how I am? If you think not, then change everything 180 degrees. It’s not as hard as it sounds, but you have to want this … and He will help you.


Whatever you do in this life will come back to you at some point. Throw well around and the good will return to you. Throw badly and it will come back as bad as you want. Throw despair and despair you will reap. Take care of the people who love you, don’t treat them with superiority just because you can, because they are by your side no matter how bad you behave. Take care of the feelings of others, just think about how much you suffered when it happened to you … Because I’m sure you’ve had it at least once in your life.


Nothing good simply disappears from our lives. Nothing that matters runs away and does not leave us just because life is hard and he makes fun of us. But we tend to forget to be surrounded by beauty, to close our eyes to good and to turn like blind people to things that hurt us … because maybe at the moment those seem to us the best solutions.


True love will never end. Two people who love each other sincerely will always love each other, whether they are separated by an ocean or are next to each other. The man who deserves you will almost respect you, will understand you, will love you more than you ever dreamed … but to see that man, you have to give up games, nonsense and want to love him … you can to do this when you are surrounded by so many temptations?


Peace does not disappear, nor does peace, but we turn our backs on them. We prefer to worry about work, the household, who knows what new gossip … and we forget that God has given us so much more! We forget that we can feel peace and tranquility and pamper our souls with His presence.


Hope you never let go. Hold on to it with your teeth, don’t close your eyes and don’t give up, because this is the only way to succeed! Do not pay attention to the thoughts of despair that will appear like snails after the rain, but trust in God. You will r


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