It is not the number of women that makes you a man, but the number of days when the woman next to you is happy.

I understood that in order to find the right person we have to look for some time before, we understood that we have to put our thoughts in order and know as much as possible, but we also understood that once we found that wonderful person, we are not allowed to we let him go. However, many times we choose to make this mistake, I would say … Why? We don’t know either. I heard a lot of reasons, some about opportunities, some about fear, but none of them seemed plausible to me.


I agreed with the idea that the first person for whom a colony of butterflies flies through your stomach is very unlikely to be the very person we expect to fulfill in our lives. Yes, it is normal to look, to wait, but to try even everyone who gets in our way I don’t think is the best idea. This also applies to men, no matter how much they want to believe that they should receive special treatment.


Being a man does not mean accumulating so much “experience” from various women so that at some point you don’t even know what kind of world you live in. Being a man means having a little patience and not accepting with open arms anyone who wants to “make you happy” for one night. Being a man is hard … and that’s why few of you get to that level.


It’s easy to live by ear, it’s easy to hurt somewhere if you get hurt or not. It’s easy to find something interesting and superficial in every new woman that comes your way, because each of us is special in our own way. In a normal world, it seems aberrant to me that the hardship comes when you start loving with all your might, but in our world it happens. It’s hard to keep only her by your side, it’s hard to be faithful, it’s hard to stay by her side when she needs you most. Why is there this fear of making a commitment that leads to peace and harmony? I have no idea, but I think the trend, which teaches you that you are no longer “cool” if you leave the hanging market, has a pretty important role.


Being a man means a lot. Whether you are on the right track or not, you can figure it out for yourself: you are more and more a man with every passing second and in which your girlfriend (your wife) is proud to be yours. You are more manly if she nests on your chest after every tiring day of work because that is where she finds peace. You are a thousand times more manly if you do not engage in all sorts of foolish practices to make her jealous, but you prove to her every day that you are only for her and that no one has anything to look for in your world.


You are a man?


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