When you love everything you have, you have everything you need!

We often don’t notice how much we have. Many times we do not notice how many people are willing to love us and, sadder, we do not notice how many people love us. We don’t notice how much we love God and how much this shows us every moment … because we are more concerned with complaining about what we don’t have and what we think we need.


We forgot to be content with what we have, more or less. We forgot that it is important to appreciate people for who they are, not to long to be part of a certain circle in society. We forgot that we must first take care of the soul, not the material possessions. We have forgotten that what we need is often something other than what we want. We forgot to appreciate the most important things, we forgot to thank God.


Love everything you have and then you will be able to know happiness. Be careful not to soil your soul with envy towards people who seem to have succeeded more than you in a certain plan. Rejoice for them, do not think ill. Even if these sensations appear in your mind, leave them in God’s Hand and ask Him to guide you. You struggle to live beautifully: learn from mistakes, give thanks for everything you receive, say a blessing when you have the opportunity, because you do not know how much the person you will address will be happy. Work in a field that makes you happy, even if the material compensations are not extraordinary and rejoice that you are in that environment. Stay close to the man you love even if he is poorer than you, because together you will be able to stand up as you never dreamed. God is Love and loves the love between us, the true love left by Him!


Love everything you have and you will see that you have everything you need. God tells us, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” God is love. We don’t need more … We get everything we need from Him, and much more … but do we want to?


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