Finally, Speaking About the Pregnancy Rumors, Gwen Stefani’s Rep

According to one story, Stefani “wants a baby girl after years of feeling outnumbered at home,” her current boyfriend, Blake Shelton, reportedly plans to marry her before she gives birth.

Gwen Stefani’s agent has finally responded to the news and is making an official statement in reaction to the countless speculations regarding their impending marriage and unborn kid.

After being photographed out and about in Nashville for Halloween, Stefani and Shelton began dating in earnest around a year ago. Before that, both of them had recently ended lengthy marriages. Although it’s possible that their shared experience and their time on The Voice helped them fall in love, they have been very silent about any “baby” or “marriage” discussion.

Fortunately, Gossip Cop was able to speak directly with Stefani’s representative to get some clarification on the direction of their relationship.

The police-like news outlet contacted her representative to ask about the claims that she was a “pregnant bride.” The representative exclusively told them that all such allegations are “untrue,” citing the original report that states, “She wouldn’t want to be an unwed mother at the time of the baby’s birth, so she’ll be marrying Blake before then.”

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