Bo Derek explains why she has decided against having children.

Bo Derek explained why she decided against having children.

The now-66-year-old actress said, “I thought about it at one time, but my life was so unconventional,” in an interview published on Friday, August 14. “My life was so chaotic, but I still believe that children should have the opportunity to have two committed parents.”

Following that, Derek admitted that “there were times I wouldn’t have a dog because my life was so crazy, let alone a child.”

The Bolero actress said that she had never intended to become an actress. Derek thought she would take a lot less demanding position.

“I saw my future in a surf shop or something,” she said. “So when the business came to me suddenly, it was overwhelming. The offers were outrageous, but I declined and said I wouldn’t work.”

John Derek, an actor, and Derek, whose real name is Mary Cathleen Collins, were previously wed from 1976 to 1998. She has been in a committed relationship with actor John Corbett since 2002.

The former star of Sex and the City, 59, told Access Hollywood in 2010 that the pair had no intentions of starting a family alone. “I believe we are past having children. Now, adopting children is a different matter,” he said. “That’s not beyond my power to accomplish one day. I still feel 25 at 49, like I’ve just moved to Hollywood. I mean, I’m constantly working hard to find my next job. Simply put, I’m unanchored. I’m always traveling for an extended period.”

The pair hasn’t rushed into getting married and haven’t even discussed starting a family. In an interview with Fox News, Bo recently discussed their current lack of wedding plans.

It’s definitely a wonderful commitment, and it’s meaningful, she said. “I think when you’re beginning a young family, and you’re going to have children and set up this new family tree branch, it’s a wonderful commitment, and it’s meaningful,” she said. “But that hasn’t been for us in our lives yet.”

According to the 10 star review, “an attraction” and “a comfort” drew them together. She also discussed the factors that have made their romance successful. “He always makes me chuckle. He is vibrant and joyful, she remarked. “I started to like him, and I still do. We proceed daily, and I believe we are still intact. We’re beginning to feel a little more at home.”


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