Bill Murray, 72, is allegedly dating a singer who is 29 years his junior. Maybe you know her.

Due to claims of misconduct on several movie sets, Bill Murray has had a difficult time in the media recently, but it appears that things are improving for the actor.

According to rumors, the American singer Kelis, who is arguably best known for her 2003 single Milkshake, is dating the Groundhog Day actor.

The Murray and Kelis have been sighted out together a few times in recent weeks, and numerous authoritative outlets are now reporting on the unusual pairing.

When Lost in Translation actor Murray was spotted at the Cross The Tracks music event in late May and the Mighty Hoopla festival in south London on June 3, rumors started circulating. Unexpectedly, Kelis was performing at both of them.

According to TMZ, Murray and Kelis have spent time together at home and abroad. They were spotted at the same hotel in London and posed for a picture backstage at one of the festivals above.

The hotly rumored affair has created considerable noise, not the least of which is the 29-year age difference between the two.

Murray, 72, has six sons and two marriages. Back in 2008, he divorced Jennifer Butler, his second wife. On the other side, Kelis lost her husband, Mike Mora, to stomach cancer in March of the previous year. She is a mother of three.

According to sources, Murray and Kelis have been “getting close for a while,” but neither person has formally acknowledged their relationship.

They previously met together in the States, which caused industry chatter, and are now meeting up in London while they are both in the country, an insider is reported to have told The Sun. They get along.

He had previously seen her perform several times before going to Mighty Hoopla, and they had both been spotted at the same hotel.

“But they also have a bond because they both recently had similar bereavements.

Despite having a very large age gap, they are both unmarried and enjoying themselves, whatever it is that brings them together.

Famous comedy actor Murray only recently got into trouble when his production Being Mortal was canceled due to complaints of “misbehavior” on the set.

Murray defended himself in a 2022 interview: “I said something I thought was funny, and it wasn’t perceived that way…

We’re now speaking and attempting to find common ground. We both work in our fields. We think we like one another and each other’s work.

“There is no point in moving forward with our collaboration or producing a film if we can’t get along and trust one another… It’s given me a lot to learn. I haven’t done anything besides think about her for the past week.”

I, for one, didn’t anticipate this celebrity couple. Have you? Post your comments if you have any.

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