Finally, Justice for a Single Mother: 74-Year-Old Woman Wins $150,000 in Child Support

Toni Anderson, a resilient 74-year-old woman from California, has achieved a long-awaited victory in court. Her ex-husband has been ordered to pay her $150,000 in child support back payments. This remarkable outcome comes after an astonishing fifty years since their divorce, during which her ex-husband chose to escape to Canada instead of providing financial assistance for their child.

Toni Anderson and her daughter, Lena

As a single mother, Anderson faced immense difficulties in making ends meet without the necessary child support payments. However, she managed to do an exceptional job in raising their daughter, Lena. Anderson not only supported her daughter’s dreams but also helped her secure a successful career at an interior design firm in Los Angeles, where Anderson herself had once worked before retiring.

Although now retired, Anderson felt a strong urge to hold her ex-husband accountable and take legal action to reclaim the child support payments that were rightfully owed to her. She firmly believed that he should have continued providing support even after moving to another country.

Over the years, Anderson’s ex-husband, Donald Lenhart, accumulated a staggering child support debt of $170,000 due to his consistent non-payment. Lenhart attempted to challenge the charges with the aid of lawyers, but his efforts only resulted in a reduction of the owed amount to $150,000. He has since returned to the United States and now resides in Oregon.

Determined to seek justice, Anderson courageously took matters into her own hands and brought her ex-husband to court to demand the child support payments she deserved. Lenhart should consider himself fortunate that Anderson chose not to pursue further legal action, as failing to pay child support is a federal offense that carries the potential for jail time.

While Lenhart is required to pay a substantial sum of $150,000, he should count himself lucky to have escaped imprisonment for his actions. Without Anderson’s decision to settle privately, Lenhart’s case could have been classified as a felony due to his intentional evasion of child support for over two years by fleeing the country.

Anderson’s triumph serves as a powerful reminder that child support is not just a moral obligation but also a vital responsibility. Evading payment is not only unfair to the custodial parent but also illegal. Let this victory encourage others to honor their commitments and support the well-being of their children.


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