Everyone has their own way of loving. Don’t expect him to love you the way you do, but let him love you the way he knows!

When we love, do we do it out of interest? Do we give our best in the hope of receiving the same passion and feelings from our loved one? Why do we throw ourselves into relationships with people we know nothing about, but who we hope will willingly give us the affection we seek in the soul mate? … However, we will be happy when we discover how beautiful it is to love and … that’s it! To love the man next to you, to love life with him, to give him everything without asking for anything in return … And you will receive back more than you ever dreamed.


Each of us understands love as best we can, each of us loves as he knows and thinks fit. Love him with all the way he loves you back. If you feel the need to take him in your arms, to kiss him, to caress him, do it, but don’t ask him to do the same. Let him love you as he knows best, let him be silent, let him show you love as he knows. Actions are extremely important in love, but I don’t necessarily mean childlike intimacy. He will accept their hugs, your caresses, he will even love them, but it is very possible that he will not return such gestures. Give him all your love for who he is, let him prove to you that he loves you in his own way … if you want him, and not an illusion you have formed about how you should be your relationship.


Reciprocity in love is mandatory in a relationship (quite logical, because its lack, in fact, means the lack of relationship), but that reciprocity does not necessarily refer to gestures. Love is mutual when we accept every particle from the man next to us, whether it is as we think it is right or not. We know that we love him without any interest when we love and the way he loves us. Do we really love?


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