More and more young women confuse vulgarity with femininity, lack of self with fragility and tenderness … How about opening your eyes?

We live in a confusing world, where insensitivity, scandals, stupidity, fornication are paid with hard money, are encouraged and are elevated to the rank of high virtue … I do not know what is wanted through public campaigns to brainwash the population, but it seems that most of them enjoy such things, because otherwise I do not explain my exploding ratings, I do not explain how we can change our beliefs so quickly and adapt to a world that requires nothing but to undress, to “Thunder” and do the stupid things.


Sexual attention is a powerful stimulant. In the desire to draw attention to yourself, you resort to some of your strengths … and I’m not talking about intelligence. The primary sense of men is the visual, so in the first phase they will not appreciate your brain … because it is simply not in sight. Instead, they will appreciate your legs, bottom, breasts. You noticed this and acted as such, you became more “feminine” by publicly displaying what should be displayed only in privacy (this is my opinion).


Girls, femininity exists in each of us, but it’s not always the same. If you’re not that kind of stupid girl who chuckles at boys’ bad jokes, if you’re able to make your own decisions for yourself, if you’re able to support yourself and you don’t have the pleasure of combining alcohol with tobacco to get that effect visually you have seen in movies or at various high class ladies, you can rest assured, there is nothing wrong with you.


Femininity must not be forced. The fact that you are not guided by others, the fact that you respect yourself, the fact that you are decent only shows how beautiful you really are. Keep going, even if everything in this society tells you you’re abnormal. Do not be guided by momentary assessments, because they will appear and disappear like sand in the wind. Don’t seek the attention of hard sex because you might attract her in a way that won’t honor you. Take great care of yourself!


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