It is said that the greatest weakness of any woman is the man who stands by her … I would say that he is her secret source of strength.

A strong woman feels good when she nests on his chest. She falls asleep peacefully knowing that he will be watching her all night, knowing that she is the center of his universe. Then it’s the only time she loves to be weak, she loves to let him take control because he’s her hero. He loves all her imperfections and is proud to be able to hold her hand at any time. And how happy she is with this fact! …..


Her husband is everything to her. It is by no means a weakness. Whoever tries to hit her, to wake her from the beautiful dream that has become her life since she met him, will not succeed, because she is with him, and they both have God to guide them. How can you say then that he is her weak point? He is the one who fights with her for their sublime future, to which they have only a few steps left. He holds her up and lifts her up every time she’s down.


However, I think there are situations in which he is her weakness … When she attacks herself, hearing various things from others about him, when trust and communication are completely lacking. They are weak when the reason they are together is any other, but not love. Then it is often about obsessions, about control, about convenience. All this can be removed if the two understand that they have to talk, that they have to determine if what is between them is true or not.


God is always with us to help us, so ask for His help! The way he works is divine, and our faith will guide our lives. With Him we are strong in two, with Him whatever we consider weakness will become strength.


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