Entitled Mom Thinks I Should Give My Plane Seat To Her Spoiled Little Brat! Is That Fair?

Flying with kids can be challenging, especially when you encounter stubborn children who refuse to cooperate. In one incident, a frustrated mother decided to exercise her entitlement and requested another passenger to give up their seat for her daughter, so she could have the window seat.

To the mother’s disappointment, the passenger declined her request, explaining that it was her assigned seat, and she had no intention of giving it up. This did not sit well with the mother, who believed she deserved some leeway due to her young child. Despite admitting her daughter could be difficult to handle, the mother argued that her daughter had a good heart.

The mother expressed her frustration, stating, “People need to be a little more considerate. My daughter was throwing tantrums, and I feel that to calm her down, the other passenger should have given in. I find this unfair.”

However, many netizens disagreed with the mother’s perspective. They believed that as a parent, it was her responsibility to teach her child better manners and enforce sitting in the assigned seat. The consensus was that giving in to the mother’s demand would only reinforce entitled behavior.

What do you think about this situation? Should the passenger have given up her seat for the entitled mother and her child? Let’s discuss.


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