Don’t be so naive as to give up on your dreams

If you are crazy enough to blindly believe in your dreams, they will surely come true. There will be people who will not believe in you and will discourage you with words. There will be people who will support you. Keep them close, don’t even bother to listen to the rest.


People have a lot of opinions and they will tell them whether they are correct or not. Don’t be naive enough to ask for opinions and opinions from people who didn’t manage to get where they wanted, because they will teach you that you can’t either, because they will only implant the idea that you are. ” it can’t be “either” it’s too hard “or” it’s not worth it “.


Out of love for those around you, out of respect for them, you will always seek to know them happy. Therefore, you will tend to think more about what they want. There is nothing wrong with caring for them, helping them when you can, but you are not obliged to listen to them when they tell you that it is impossible to succeed, that you will never do what you set out to do.


Don’t give up just because you didn’t succeed at first. Have patience, trust and, most importantly, work. In vain do you want and wait with your hands on your chest. You won’t get anything if you don’t move a finger. This is your mission.


God will stand by you and guide your every step in this life if you ask Him with all your heart. The fact that He will take you where you belong is a certainty, but for this you must let Him work as He knows. God will lead you on paths you will never suspect, but with Him you will be truly happy. For this it is necessary to entrust to Him all that you are and to let yourself be shaped by Him, to give up what you think you want and to receive a million times more.


To whom else should you entrust your whole life if not to God? The certainty that He loves us has been with us for a long time, but we still lack trust in Him. The truth is that alone you may not succeed, but with Him you can do anything. Thanks to. Once you understand that you do not have to carry the burden of this life on your shoulders and that He will remove any weight, you will understand that with Him everything is possible. For your dreams to come true, leave them to God. He will take care of them and grow them more beautifully than you have ever succeeded.


Anyone can disappoint you at some point. That’s why you run away from the idea of ​​sharing your dreams with people. Talk about them with God and do not give up believing in Him for a second. He can. Naivety and uncertainty do not take place here, but it is still so difficult for us to give them up.


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