Defendant in love, integralist in bed …

We have prepared a surprise for you. Because we like what you write, from time to time you can send us your texts. Here is the first in a beautiful series, coming from a reader.


You are 20 years old. You know you want her love, but you leave her behind in the fall. Have fun! You’re just so young. Don’t complicate yourself, it’s not worth it! Anyway, she will be waiting for you there, dear, next year. He is content with a little, which is true! It is enough that you give, from time to time, a partial exam with her. We know, you’re a little stupid with the chapters, but you take out the fifth. That, until day zero. A pici. But you do everything and show them that you deserve the wait.


Naive, she adores your lie: “From tomorrow I’ll start teaching you!”. Dear student, deceive her as much as you want. He knows anyway that today you start with a break. He understands you, the semester was hard. Don’t worry, she sits quietly on the desk and is waiting for you. Why? Because he knows you the way you are: arrears in love, but still integralist in bed. It’s just that, you see, you can’t fall on the others. We all know that you keep going to the “light ones” somehow. Everyone does.


If you can’t, let others “pass” it. They know better how to deal with matter. They studied it and kept it in their minds. You say to yourself, “And what?” And they came to like it. Maybe they’ll even get their license out of it. The poor woman gave you the chance … but you said, “Step!” And you will take steps. The same until the fourth year. You will understand, in the end, what it is like to know everything and everything with a poor five will mark you. Pity… because you made her wait so long. But still, tell us, why haven’t you reached the final page yet?


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