People who love each other are beautiful. People who love each other offer more than they ever thought possible. People who love each other change their perception of the world we live in … for a better one!

People in love are the most beautiful people in the world. They are not beautiful because they meet the norms imposed by society, they are not beautiful because they dress only from company stores, but they are beautiful as others fail for a lifetime, after expensive and torturous treatments. They manage to do so without making any special effort … or without realizing that, in fact, they are doing an enormous amount.


Lovingly, you will give everything you have without seeing in this a small effort. Loving and being loved, you will not worry that any weight will affect your happiness, because you know that you will defeat any obstacle in two. Love changes you without even realizing it, it makes you happy without necessarily having all the material riches you could ask of God. Love makes you use only beautiful words, both with the one you love and with the rest of the world! Thus, you will do much more than you think, because you will spread good will wherever you go.


Have you ever noticed how pleasant the love of some people feels? Even if they do not hump each other with flowers, gifts, forced kisses, they have something different from the rest of the world. It’s like living in a more beautiful world than any of us. And as if, as if, it also lifts our spirits by giving us hope, it shows us a different way of being. People who love each other are so beautiful! Love is the only thing we don’t have to change in our lives, let’s change the rest until we reach the combination that makes us proud of what we have lived.


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