The pictures of you naked that you upload on Facebook do not bring you anything but likes. Keep going if these are your expectations.

It can be flattering to see that an astronomical number of people “appreciated” your last picture posted on your profile … and it’s even more flattering when you notice that most of them come from the hard sex, who appreciate your style of clothing … or the style in which you undress. It is a trap that many of us fall into, because the illusion of popularity kind of closes our eyes and we fail to realize what the consequences of our actions are.


Ladies and gentlemen, if you have a beautiful body, do you really have to show it to the general public? Leave the appreciations of the crowds that are really worthless, because all you do is give impetus to everyone who uses the Internet for non-moral purposes to continue their work. Without realizing it, you will become the main target of those who seek “freshness” to satisfy themselves. This happens behind monitors on which your photo is displayed. If you are okay with this, I suggest you run to the first licensed psychologist and solve your problems.


Do not seek this kind of attention, because you are only defiling your own bodies. Each of you should respect yourself, and this is not the way to do it. However, this may be a desperate attempt to find your partner. Well, what kind of man would accept a girlfriend who sells herself to others, who wants as much appreciation from strangers as possible? Exposing yourself makes you neither more beautiful nor smarter, but just the subject of ugly gossip that will tarnish your reputation (which you probably hold dear) … but indeed, you will be the center of attention for a while.


Don’t be surprised that you will only be surrounded by men who want to sleep with you and then disappear from the landscape … because that inspires them. If from this you have made a supreme purpose in life, congratulations to you! But I invite you to think if you can choose another path, sprinkled with self-respect.


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