Bikers see an abandoned cage and what they find inside changes their lives forever

It’s always heartbreaking to hear about animals being mistreated or abandoned. But thankfully, there are everyday heroes among us—like Bret Winingar and his son, Zach.

One sunny day, while riding their motorcycles along the back roads near Little Rock, Arkansas, Bret and Zach spotted an old, discarded dog carrier.

Curiosity got the better of them, and they decided to take a closer look. To their horror, they found a severely malnourished dog trapped inside.

The carrier was filthy, covered in feces, and the poor dog had even chewed a hole in a desperate attempt to break free.

The father and son knew they had to act. Although they had to leave the dog briefly…

…they quickly came back with much-needed food and water.

They decided to name her Charlie Bravo.

Even before reaching home, Charlie Bravo showed immense gratitude to her rescuers.

The first thing Bret and Zach did was trim her overgrown claws, which had curled inward while she was confined, causing her great pain.

Next up was a much-needed bath.

Then, it was straight to the vet.

The vet estimated Charlie was about eight months old. The injuries on her body suggested she had been confined in the carrier for quite a while.

Charlie Bravo’s story soon went viral on Facebook. Generous people started sending donations to help cover her medical costs.

Bret and his family used the leftover donations to help various animal charities and even established a fund for rescued animals called “Charlie’s Angels”.

Originally, Bret hadn’t planned on keeping Charlie. But the bond they formed was unbreakable. Since her rescue, Bret and his family have also adopted three more rescued dogs.

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