Four Old Retired Guys Are Walking Down a Street

Four old retired guys are taking a leisurely stroll in Cooktown when they turn a corner and notice a sign that catches their attention:

‘Old Timer’s Bar – All drinks 10 cents’

They exchange surprised glances, unable to resist checking if the offer is genuine. Stepping into the bar, they’re greeted by an elderly bartender with a warm, welcoming voice.

“Come on in, gentlemen! What can I get for you?”

The bar appears fully stocked, so each of the men decides to order a martini. Swiftly, the bartender prepares four perfectly chilled martinis, shaken, not stirred, and places them on the bar.

“That’ll be 10 cents each,” he says with a smile.

The men are astonished. They hand over their 40 cents, still incredulous at their luck, and savor their drinks. Before long, they’re ready for another round. Once again, the bartender serves up four top-notch martinis, and once again, the price is a mere 40 cents.

By now, their curiosity is piqued. They’ve had two drinks each and spent less than a dollar altogether. One of them can’t hold back anymore.

“How can you afford to serve such great martinis for just 10 cents?”

The bartender smiles. “I’m a retired tailor from Sydney. I always dreamed of owning a bar. Last year, I won 25 million dollars in the lottery, so I decided to open this place. Every drink, be it wine, liquor, or beer, is just 10 cents.”

“That’s an incredible story,” one of the men says, clearly impressed.

As they sip their martinis, the four friends notice seven other customers sitting at the bar without drinks, seemingly waiting for something.

Curious, one of them gestures towards the group at the end of the bar. “What about them?” he asks the bartender.

The bartender chuckles, “Oh, they’re waiting for happy hour when drinks are half price!”


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