A Helping Hand for Veterans in Need

We all face challenging times in our lives, where we struggle to make ends meet and could use some extra support. During these moments, the love and kindness of those around us can make a world of difference. This is especially true for our brave veterans, who have selflessly served their country with honor and dedication.

Unfortunately, many veterans find it difficult to adjust to civilian life and make a living after returning from duty. The benefits they receive often fall short of meeting their needs, leaving them uncertain about their next steps. Larry Robeson, a Vietnam veteran, was one such individual who found himself in this situation. He could barely afford basic necessities and was unsure about his future.

But fate had something extraordinary in store for Larry. While at a grocery store in Las Vegas, he crossed paths with the Fox 5 Surprise Squad, a team dedicated to performing acts of kindness, such as paying for people’s groceries. Larry had brought his friend Stephanie, a disabled fellow veteran, to the store. Stephanie, down to her last $50, was buying food for herself and her dogs, feeling uncertain about what would happen next.

When Dave Hall, the reporter leading the Surprise Squad, learned of Stephanie’s challenging situation, he happily informed her that their team would cover the cost of her groceries. Stephanie was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for this generous offer. However, Dave noticed Larry standing quietly behind Stephanie and noticed something remarkable.

Larry had previously founded the Bones for Blankets club, a club that donated blankets to homeless veterans who found themselves on the streets after their service. Larry started the club out of heartbreak after three fellow veterans tragically froze to death. His goal was to ensure that no more veterans suffered the same fate.

Larry explained to the Surprise Squad team that he accompanied Stephanie and provided assistance due to the challenges she faced as a result of her disability. He passionately expressed, “No veteran should be going through what she’s going through.”

Moved by Larry’s selflessness and dedication to his fellow veterans, Dave Hall insisted that Larry would not leave the store without the Surprise Squad team paying for his groceries as well. Initially, Larry had planned to purchase only dish soap and candy, but Dave made it clear that it was their turn to serve him.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Larry walked around the store, choosing whatever he desired. When the bill came to $278, Dave and the rest of the team settled it without hesitation. Tears welled up in Larry’s eyes as he realized the extent of the kindness he was receiving. He expressed, his voice shaky, “I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 13.”

If Larry’s story has inspired you, we have more heartwarming content for you to enjoy. Please take a moment to watch the Surprise Squad’s video and share in this uplifting experience. Remember, when hard times hit, we all deserve a helping hand.


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