Your parents are not fools! Realize what gift you received from God!

If you are very proud of yourself that you managed to “trick” your parents and that instead of sleeping with your girlfriend, you will spend another night in a club, find out that you are wrong. Those people love you without imposing any conditions on you, they would do anything to make you happy and they have a blind trust in you, a trust that also comes from love. And what do you do? Take advantage of this, you learn to lie and do things behind them, not even trying to ask their permission.


Why do you think your parents know how to tell you “NO”? Because they don’t want to know you are in danger, because they want to form you into a man with true values, not a pee. Later, when you wake up to reality, you will thank them for not being permissive in absolutely anything … and if you made the mistake of overstepping their word, believe me you will have many regrets.


The fact that you abuse your parents’ trust and manage to “play on your fingers” does not make you smart or superior, but on the contrary. Be very careful in what kind of entourage you turn around! If they encourage you in this regard, if they only set out to have fun “because they are young” and because they have enough time to mature, find out that there is not much substance in those people. So be careful and choose your friends so that they do not harm you in any way. Motivate each other to do something useful with your life, not all the nonsense that seems cool at an early age.


Respect your parents. They are the only people who will never leave you. If you realize too late what a wonderful gift you have from God, you will suffer a lot, you will reach an advanced age, but with many shortcomings. Listen to them, even if the answer for going out today with your gang is “no”. In the end you will realize that you have not lost anything!


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