You only want one thing from him: to love you as much as you love him. The rest comes naturally.

You are in a constant search for the ideal man for you. You want their eyes to be in a certain color, you want a certain cutter, you want them to dress in a certain way and you want them not to listen to the manele. Also, you want him to listen to you all the time, even when you talk about things that have nothing to do with him and about which he has no idea, you even want an honest opinion …


Being able to talk about anything with your boyfriend about anything small is the best thing in your relationship. And it will come naturally if there is true love between you two. Love will connect you to such a level that you can do anything together, as long as you are willing to dream a lot. There is only one thing you have to understand until you get to live the life you want with the ideal person: no one is perfect! Neither he nor you! So be very careful how many rights you grant.


What you really need from him is to be able to love you as much as you can love him … but most likely he won’t do it the same way you do … so don’t be upset if do not cringe in love every time you see yourself, do not be upset if they do not caress you in an embarrassing way as a sign of affection, even if it seems so natural to you to do so. Don’t be upset if he can’t answer a question if he doesn’t know the topic.


You will realize his love in his actions that really matters. You will realize that he loves you because he is trying. You will realize that he loves you because he wants to be with you even when you are in pajamas, untidy. You will realize that he loves you when he will be proud to go out with you anywhere. You will realize that he loves you from everything he does. That’s if you focus on what really matters. So you want him to love you enormously, but in his style!


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