You love, so “you are”!

Do you usually say that you HAVE a boyfriend / husband or that YOU are in a relationship / married? The man next door is a possession many times unfortunately, and because we want to keep him by our side, we try to do anything to please him … and we often forget to be ourselves. We forget that man chose to be with us for what we are, not because we struggle to please them ….


Don’t start a relationship with someone who has various possessions that you lack and because you know that you will be able to take advantage of them once you have chosen him. Do not choose a man who can give you anything, but for whom you are not willing to give anything more. To love means to enjoy every moment you are together, even if nothing “special” happens.


Don’t turn your relationship into a chore for yourself, always striving to do a lot of things that you think he will appreciate. Don’t bother to turn into the Cinderella for fear that he will leave because you didn’t do everything you could. This constant fear of separation is pointless next to a man who loves you and whom you love. At some point you will realize this … and if love is not on both sides, sooner or later, the relationship will deteriorate, no matter how many reasons you give it to stay.


Are you present with your whole being in your relationship? Are you willing to give him the right to stay with you? Are you willing to trust him enough that he won’t hurt you? Most importantly, are you willing to hand over your relationship to God and let Him manage it? Can you let go of the control to hand it over to someone who will do a job at least a billion times better than you? Relationships are not about having something or doing something to be happy. You just have to be. Are you willing to think it’s that simple?


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