You know that facing your past that made you unhappy won’t make you happy in the present, right?

Each of us has done something in the past that he is not proud of, that he avoids talking about for various reasons … either shame or fear. Well, no matter how much we want to forget that moment, that shame we suffered, we won’t be able to do it until we heal our souls. Whether you like it or not, negative events mark you very strongly, make their mark on your mind and last there for a long time until you completely escape. But nothing is impossible.


The first step you need to take in this regard is to acknowledge the mistake you have made. In vain do you expect healing if you do not want to talk about problems! You will never succeed. To solve a problem, you need to be aware of its root. This step will be difficult, but it will pass! Once done, you will be able to move on, and, slowly, slowly, forgive yourself. If you hurt someone, stop thinking and apologize! Do something for that person to alleviate the injustice you have caused them!


When it comes to a former relationship that went well and ended badly for some reason, leave it at that! I know we dream of living unreal love stories, of meeting our soul mate … and sometimes we feel like we’ve found him. These things happen, but in ways we would not expect! Former love is for a reason! If he wasn’t able to keep you by his side, if he disappointed you so much that you can’t get over it, then your connection wasn’t strong enough. I know it sounds painful, but it came out of your life with a purpose: TO MAKE SOMEONE BETTER FOR YOU! The same thing happens in both directions … if you betrayed him, it means he deserves someone else in his life.


Whatever your reasons for living in the past, you must overcome them. The price is bright, but we must choose to see it that way! How do we do that? We pray to find a way forward. If we want this wholeheartedly, it will surely happen!


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