Why do we say “I love you!” without loving?

Happiness is when you nestle on his chest and realize that you want to stay there forever, even if this does not happen in a limousine or a two-story villa. Happiness is when you touch it and feel how your bodies should stay that way forever. Happiness is when you say “I love you!” the man you have in your mind and soul non-stop. Happiness is when that man is the one next to you who sleeps every night and kisses you every morning!


However … it’s so hard to be happy … because many choose not to. Some choose to return home in the evening to someone they do not love, but who offer them a certain degree of comfort. Some choose to return home to a man who is indifferent to them and who treats them with indifference because they have become accustomed to it. Some choose to hope that one day the person next to them, whom they love enormously, will change, because now it causes them so much suffering. Some choose to say “I love you!” to someone while the thought flies to someone else.


It’s sad when your own choices lead you to cruel unhappiness. It’s sad when you choose material comfort instead of working with your loved one. It must be so painful to return home to a soul that does not value you, but with a heart like a flea you hope will be better in the future. Well, fight for love! Don’t play with the feelings of some just for the sake of having someone in your life and don’t hope for change to be good for you, because it won’t happen! Avoid feeling for him (her) anything but love and you will understand what the meaning of life really is!


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