You can learn good things from frivolous people!

From the worst experiences you have the most to learn. Therefore, do not be sorry if you have met in your life people who later proved that they did not deserve the attention and love they received from you. Even if you have had to suffer because of them … for various reasons (because people can be very inventive when they want to break up a relationship, regardless of its type), you simply forgive them and thank them for -they learned something.


From people who didn’t know how to appreciate you, you probably learned to be yourself no matter the circumstances … because no matter how much you changed for the sake of others, they will still leave if they find it appropriate. You learned from them that there are frivolous people just as there are serious people who have a say. You learned from them that you have to stay away from people like … them.


You learned from those people that words unsupported by deeds are in vain, they even hurt … so you know that you have to always be honest and speak so as not to hurt. From them you learned to take care of who you leave in your soul. From them you learned to be patient, not to take revenge on those who hurt you, but to forgive and leave PURE AND SIMPLE!


They also taught you to be independent, to listen to God and not to people, because every time they put your foundation in such a man, you saw that he did not bother to do his part to the end. . You learned from them that people are alike and that the story can be repeated over and over and so on … so it’s best to be careful and stop this.


You have a lot to learn from frivolous people. But you also have to listen to the lessons I give you. They do not appear by mistake, but to teach you. However, I urge you to be careful and be careful who you let into your heart. Wait a while and get to know that person … who may be a wonderful person … or not.


Frivolous people teach you how to recognize frivolous people and take care of yourself when you come in contact with them. God teaches us by incredible means how to live according to His will. Maybe we should open our souls for the first time and let Him help us understand what He has for us and take care to forgive everyone who makes a mistake, whether they are serious or not …


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