You can choose to be afraid. You can choose to stand up.

Fear only exists if we let it exist. We can bring it up as an argument for things we didn’t do. We can invoke it every time we are put in a new situation, which takes us out of our usual state of comfort. It can completely control us, it can even paralyze us. Fear can be a part of us that grows more and more … if we allow it.


Young children are the best example that fear has nothing to look for in our lives. They are not afraid to say what they think, they are not afraid to do extraordinary things that make us tremble. They are not afraid to make friends, they are not afraid of anything … until we teach them that fear exists. We do this out of love for them, because we want them to be safe. But how many times have I not exaggerated?


God did not teach us to be afraid. He loves us more than we could ever imagine. However, we choose to be afraid. We do not tell the loved one the things he is doing wrong, because we are afraid he will leave us. We are afraid to ask for our rights from employers, for fear of being fired, even if maybe we would follow our true dreams and do wonderful things.


We only have the fear in mind, more or less justified. Either way, the only thing we should fear is God, but not anyway. We should fear Him as a parent, because that is Him for us: a parent who loves us in a way we never even dreamed was possible.


We can stand up and ignore the fact that failure at least exists. We can do what we love and trust God to help us. Jesus himself says, “Do it according to your faith.” When our faith is in Him, does fear have nothing to look for in our lives?


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