Yesterday she found out she was pregnant and today she gave birth!

When physicians examined Leanne Allen, 37, of Gosport, Hampshire, for kidney issues, they also found a baby girl, which she gave birth to 24 hours later.

The tiny miracle, according to doctors’ current estimates, was one of twins who miraculously lived while her sibling perished in a miscarriage six months previously.

Before Harley was born on July 7 of this year, Leanne and her husband Kevin, 35, didn’t even have time to inform their children Jayme, 14, and Mitchell, 12.

The infatuated pair described the preterm child as a “genuine miracle” and are hurriedly making changes to their lifestyle and residence to prepare for the unplanned arrival.

A homemaker named Leanne described her months of fatigue, high blood pressure, and swollen legs.

She was perplexed when physicians revealed they had “discovered something they wanted to talk about” during an MRI scan.

She clarified: “My kidneys and bladder were examined during my renal scan, but after that, the woman began asking me things that felt out of context.

“She then said that she needed to tell me what she had discovered during the scan.

“I immediately panicked, believing she had discovered a tumor. She then informed me that I was pregnant, and I almost fell out of bed.

“I was in complete amazement when she continued by saying that I was 31 weeks pregnant.

“She got me some water while briefly displaying the baby on the television. After that, my daughter was born, and 30 hours later I was getting ready for surgery.

I loved her so much even though I had only known she existed for two days when I touched her small head for the first time.

Kevin, the store manager, added: “In less than 30 hours, we went from a kidney scan to becoming pregnant to giving birth. I still find it hard to comprehend I have a new child.”

After Leanne miscarried in January, Kevin decided to get a vasectomy since he didn’t want to grow their family.

Leanne went on a hen do in Barcelona while unaware that she was expecting, even partaking in a few rum and cokes, before taking a flight back on July 3.

She was scheduled for an MRI scan on July 6 when her fluid retention and renal pain increased.

Shocked Kevin was notified of Leanne’s pregnancy over the phone, and he immediately traveled to Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital to be by her side.

She had a potentially fatal disease called pre-eclampsia, so doctors decided to perform a C-section on July 7 after spending the previous day attempting in vain to lower her dangerously high blood pressure.

After a brief visit, Kevin hurried home to fetch the kids who were staying with friends and were unaware that their mother was pregnant. Baby Harley was taken right away to the NICU.

The couple made a touching video of their son and daughter’s response when they told them about the unexpected 3lb 8oz arrival.

Because everything happened so quickly and with such a shock, Kevin said, “we didn’t want to inform anyone until we knew she was okay.”

Doctors now think that Leanne’s pre-eclampsia and pregnancy together contributed to her renal, blood pressure, and edema issues.

In a few weeks, Harley, who is currently in intensive care owing to her early arrival, is anticipated to go home.

Leanne also said “I was astounded by how tiny my little child was when I was finally allowed to meet her.

“The days that followed were difficult since I could only touch her in the incubator and we were on different wards.

“She was doing so well, though, that she stopped requiring oxygen and started drinking small amounts of milk through her tube.

“I finally got to give her a hug on day four after her lines were taken out.

“Harley seems to be progressing well, and I hope there won’t be any long-term effects from the ignorance of my pregnancy or from her early entry into the world.”

For the unexpected new family member, Kevin has been hastily purchasing and borrowing everything from cribs and car seats to diapers and bibs.

It’s just completely mind-boggling to think about how different our lives were just a week ago, he said.

“There has been a flurry of feelings. Harley truly is a miracle.

Naturally, I had the snip, and we had no intention of expanding our family, but the moment we laid eyes on her, our hearts melted, and we were head over heels in love.


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