Yes, it is possible to have a smart woman in bed from the first night! … Just because she is vulnerable and because she wants to leave behind something that hurt her!

Even if it seems hard to believe, it is possible that you are a “lucky” person who managed to “mark” an extremely smart woman with very strong moral principles from the first night you met her. That woman is not easy at all, she just made the wrong decision one night … And it just so happened that you were available there and more than happy to help her “solve her problems”. I want to let you know that no one has anything to gain from such an experience … but you’ll only be right after a while.


Women, although most of the time they are quite rational, have moments when they give in. Why? Because I give 150% of what I can when they care about someone and I fall very hard from that dream that I build so carefully when everything is over. She will lose confidence in men, she will suffer, she will become colder and colder, because she has realized that nothing is worth her love … she will only manage her powers after she recovers from the pain she takes caused by that special man. He will cry when he realizes what he has done … But he will not be able to give time back … Because for a second of false joy in which he enjoyed his pride he lost a woman who would have made him happy all life.


There are women who “adapt” by going on the principle of “who to take out”. So they will proceed in the way they were betrayed … They take the risk that later they will suffer, but they give in to for now, appealing to men they usually don’t know anything about, who don’t care about, but who need to get revenge in one way or another … Nobody says it’s the ideal option, but it’s adopted by a good part of the fair sex. If she came to you at that moment, don’t feel like you’ve conquered her, because she’s just using you … The truth is, you’re just a toy that healed her pride for a moment. The man is a selfish being, and the smart woman is no exception.


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