If you loved him for money, don’t be surprised that you hate him for his character

It’s fashionable to look at what car you’re driving before you know it. It’s fashionable to look for the small coat of arms that adorns his shirt or sweater … or watch. Without them, it looks like the man in front of you doesn’t have much charm, right? You just won’t choose him for his insides! It just doesn’t matter how he thinks or if he respects you and loves you! The values ​​have changed so much that it is old-fashioned to love the man, and not the things he owns …


I hope you’ve noticed the amount of sarcasm I’ve used, and if not, I’m extremely sorry for you. The fact that for you, a human being, the only thing that matters is the thickness of his wallet (no matter how he got the money) makes you an empty person: empty of principles, empty of reason and empty of any feelings. Why did you choose to be like that? Is appearance so important to you and does essence matter so little?


Dear ladies and gentlemen, I do not know why for many of us the fact that he does not swim in money is a major impediment. I don’t know why we hesitate when it comes to choosing between the man we know will make us happy and the one who drives a BMW. Is it really that hard for us to learn to work with him to build our little empire together? Yes, it is harder to get on the road with a man who has to really work for what he wants, but it is not impossible!


When there is love between you, any shortcoming is easier to bear, but when only money is the reason you are with him, your own existence will seem like a nightmare … because the man next to you doesn’t matter at all, it’s just a continuous provider … with whom you have to sleep whenever he feels like it and whom you have to whisper that you love him from time to time, no matter how he treats you. There is also happiness, but it is possible not to bring firm clothes, luxurious parties or extravagant decorations. Are you willing to try this path?


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