Woman, men will circle you for your beauty … let them try to conquer you. But let one alone reach your heart and only then into bed!


Woman, you will get far when you realize how beautiful you are for what you are, not because 1, 10 or 100 men told you. It is natural for many to want you, to try to seduce you in the desire to bring you to bed, but it is not really necessary to be enchanted every time the opportunity arises. I am aware of the value of a well-placed compliment at the right time. I know how your heart fills with joy when someone tells you how beautiful you are, how good you look in a certain dress, but I strongly believe that these “praises” should only be appreciated, not rewarded.

We look for great love all our lives, but the way we act is often foolish. It is natural to have a few relationships before finding the one who will make us happy for the rest of the time, because few of us are lucky enough to come across the one with whom we want to share our life, but it is not normal to offer to anyone. You are worth much more than that, and no one but your man should be able to afford to have you.

What you need to know about men is that they will always hunt. If they find a woman they like, they will most likely flirt, try to seduce her, and play until she gives up. The sad thing is that rarely will their interest in it remain burning. Why? Because they want a woman to share their life with, and the fact that she gave up at first is not very encouraging … And who could condemn them?


You, my dear, respect yourself! Happiness will not be with a ferocious male who whispers beautiful words to you just because he wants you in bed, but you will find him with the one who will love you more than anything and who will keep you with him for life, no matter the obstacles. which will appear. You don’t need a lot of men to appreciate you, to tell you how beautiful you are just for the sake of having you one night, but for one, who believes it with all his heart and wants you forever. ! But until then, love yourself! Believe in yourself and that you deserve the best in this world and don’t settle for less!


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