Woman Denied Boarding Flight for Wearing Bikini at Airport

A 21-year-old woman named Kine-Chan recently had a distressing experience at the Navegantes Airport in Brazil. Known as a cosplayer, model, and influencer on OnlyFans, she was stopped from boarding her flight because of her revealing outfit. Kine-Chan was dressed as Rebecca from Netflix’s anime “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners,” wearing a black two-piece outfit resembling a bikini.

She shared the incident on her Instagram account @kinechan2.0, where she has a following of 600,000. Kine-Chan explained, “I tried to board at Navegantes airport dressed as Rebecca’s Cosplay for an event. I already knew that I could be late, so I was dressed so as not to waste time and could go straight to my room.” She expressed her disappointment in being told to go home and change clothes, emphasizing that she had explained she was going to an event.

While some followers supported her, many expressed their opinion that she should have dressed more modestly before boarding the plane. One follower said, “Let’s respect other people. Warning, this is not a place to wear lingerie or a bikini.” Another commented, “You could have put on an easy pull-up outfit, like a falling dress or even a button-down blouse.”

However, there were also supporters who defended Kine-Chan’s choice of outfit. One person said, “Freedom of expression and creativity should always be encouraged and respected.”

This incident is not an isolated case. Airports have faced controversies related to attire in the past. In another incident, two women wearing crop tops with long skirts and pants were asked to change by American Airlines due to the perceived revealing nature of their outfits. However, when they switched into shorts, it inadvertently revealed even more skin.

While American Airlines did not respond to the incident at Navegantes Airport, on their website, they advise passengers to dress suitably and avoid offensive clothing. However, they do not provide a clear definition of what is considered “offensive clothing.


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