Woman begged on her knees for a C-section, but the family refused – unfortunately she could not bear the pain

Babies can be born in two ways, mothers to be can choose a natural birth or by cesarean section. The goal is for the baby to be perfectly healthy after the procedure. Normal birth certainly causes one of the most terrible pains and is the preferred option for many women.

Due to conditions such as diabetes or when it comes to twins, triplets and so on a woman can schedule a cesarean section to avoid complications. Other cases would be when the baby’s head is bigger and the woman has a small pelvis.

The woman in the following article knew that she will have a very difficult and painful birth, so she wanted to choose the cesarian option, but was refused. It is simply unacceptable!

Ma, a 26 years old mother-to-be was pregnant in 41 weeks and while she was hospitalized, she went into labor with extreme pain. She wanted a cesarean section, but apparently the family did not agree and they insisted that the birth be natural.

Thinking of the extreme pain, the woman begged for her choice to be respected. She can be seen in the hospital lobby when she actually falls to her knees and begs the doctors to listen to her.

Seeing that no one listened to her simple request, she felt misunderstood and ignored, so she could not continue. What Ma did next revolted an entire world.

Apparently the doctors suggested that the woman have a cesarean section because the fetus’ head was bigger, but for that, they needed the family’s consent. They refused and the reasons are unknown.

Hearing that her voice was ignored, the woman committed suicide, she threw herself from the 5th floor of the hallway window.

There is another hypothesis according to which the hospital doctors refused to perform the cesarean section, but the police are investigating the case and they will definitely bring light after gathering enough details.

It is so sad that Ma passed away with her unborn child. If the first version is true and her family did not agree with HER choice, they should take the blame for her death, because Ma was the one struggling with the pain, not them!

Only a mother knows the struggle and excruciating birth pains. Let’s share her story and may their souls rest in peace!


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