Why thank a true friend!

After a man who really wants to be in your life you will never have to run. With a man who wants to be your friend, you will never have to pretend to be someone else. A true friend will accept you as you are, because he will look extremely much like you, but not so much as to agree with absolutely any opinion.


You have to thank a true friend for a lot. You have to thank him for being by your side whenever you need to, but he will get your attention when you do something wrong. You have to thank him because he will never criticize you for your flaws, but will help you change for the better over time. Thank him that he never left you, that he listened to you every time and that he helped you to get up every time you fell.


Thank a true friend that he forgave you when you made a mistake and that he is still by your side without hurting you. Thank him that he was happy for every success you had and that he was never envious. Thank him for taking care of you and never making you feel annoyed. Thank him that he will appreciate your friendship and that he will always respond in the same way. Thank him that he never lied to you and that he always brought you down to earth. Thank him that he was always honest, even if he said things that didn’t go well for you, but that motivated you and helped you.


We have many things to be grateful for to the real people in our lives. And even if it seems normal for those people to be with us (because we are with them whenever they need to), the truth is that it is not so. They choose to be our friends every day and for that they deserve absolutely everything from us. It deserves every thanks from us!


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