Did anyone tell you you were beautiful?

If no one told you today that you are beautiful, know that you are! You are beautiful as you are, with that big smile that you rarely show. You are beautiful even if you have a few pounds in addition to that ideal of “perfect” and even without makeup, in the morning, with your hair ruffled. Beauty really comes from within, and you are beautiful because you have a soul that exudes beauty.


When it comes to physical beauty, I see people intoxicated around me. We are fooled by some extremely capable marketers who want to sell an ideal of beauty that doesn’t really exist. Let’s be blind not to see those ideals promoted on all the huge screens and posters in order to motivate us to end up like that … as not even the women in the pictures actually look like. We are beautiful even if we do not use who knows what wonderful products, we are beautiful and without plastic surgery, we are beautiful even if we do not fit into a pattern!


There are a lot of women who suffer from depression because they THINK they are ugly! Why? For various reasons … that X-uleasca is weaker, that Y-uleasca appears on the cover of who knows which magazines with impeccable hair and complexion that you never meet in everyday life. Even though we are aware that there is photoshop (and many other photo editing programs) and that it is hard to use nowadays (because slowly, slowly, society has built an idea of ​​what it means to be “beautiful” and if you don’t that way, you should be tormented, because you currently have “defects”), yet we continue to compare ourselves to those women and suffer that we don’t look like them … like the ones on the covers, because it’s very likely that the original to differ from the picture.


Ladies, you are beautiful fire! Women who are a standard of beauty nowadays are also beautiful, but the original ones, not the ones on the covers. Therefore, those of you who think that there is something wrong with your appearance, please do something! Realize how wrong you are! Do not envy other women because they have a different body, have richer hair or have hydrated skin, but be proud of them! Be proud that we are all women and we are beautiful in our own way! If you are not aware of your beauty, but keep it hidden, how do you want those around you to discover it?


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