Why so bad?

Maybe, looking around you, you wondered why people do so many bad things. You may have wondered why people value money more, power instead of love, common sense and faith. I wondered. I wondered why people have the right to do whatever it takes, everything is wrong, when it is so easy for God to forbid us and bring us all to Him. I wondered why he would let us run so fast to hell and not come in. I wondered why he gave us the will if he knew we would make the wrong choice.


I found out the answer to these questions. Because He is our Father in the true sense of the word. A Father who wants us to be free, to make our own decisions. Think of a parent telling his children that he would like them to tidy up their rooms. When he goes to check, he finds that there is a lot of clutter in the children’s rooms. This saddens him, but it left the children free to choose whether or not to listen to him. The same thing happens in the Universe, among people. God has left us free to make decisions, assuming that we can choose something other than His will. And I’m sure this saddens him.


I thought that this freedom of ours only brings us harm, but can you still imagine a free being who is obliged to do good? I do not. People have free will and are therefore able to choose good or evil. Why did God assume this possibility? Because He created for us a happiness that surpasses anything on Earth. Overcome the happiness of being with the man you love, with the family. It surpasses any job position, any success. It is the happiness of being with Him, the God who created us. In order for us to be able to reach that happiness, we must choose it.


God has assumed the wars between men, he has assumed the evil, he has assumed all the misfortunes that we do, because he knows that it is worthwhile for us to know that happiness that we would never even hope to reach. He knows that wars and all the evil on earth are a price to pay for that happiness … I can’t wait to see what awaits us! And if we think of contradicting Him, who are we, when our very power of thought comes from Him?


Where does this evil come from? From the fact that we want to do exactly what we want, but this should not involve God, because we think we are better off alone. This evil came to us through the fact that Satan implanted in the human mind the idea that they could be God themselves, just as powerful. This separates you from God, and it is impossible to try to find something that will bring you complete happiness apart from God. He created us, and we claim to be the best … To be serious …


Why so bad? Because we choose him. We choose to put God aside in our lives. Man can be all the better the worse he can be. This choice belongs entirely to us, but God expects us to choose true happiness. That’s the only thing we have to do. He prepared the rest for us.


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