Why Harry refused to have dinner with his father

According to reports, Prince Harry turned down an invitation to supper with his father, King Charles III, and brother Prince William after learning that his wife couldn’t join them in Balmoral on the day the Queen died away.

A representative for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stated they were en route to Royal Deeside when Queen Elizabeth II became seriously sick on September 8 but had to rearrange their plans since Megan was not welcome.

According to The Scottish Daily Express, King Charles told his youngest son that Megan’s attendance was “not suitable,” which forced Harry to leave his wife behind and fly north alone.

Harry missed an RAF aircraft to Scotland with his brother William, uncles Andrew and Edward, and the incident caused a stir. In the end, Harry arrived in Aberdeen without Meghan at 6:35 p.m., which was five minutes after the world learned of the Queen’s passing.

Even though the majority of the other royals arrived at Balmoral too late to bid the sovereign farewell—only Anne and Charles did—Harry seems to have been particularly enraged following the argument.

He denied dinner with the new king, Queen Consort Camilla, and William at Birkhall, Charles’s mansion on the estate, as a result, when he was transported into Balmoral 90 minutes later.

Instead, according to insiders, the prince grieved with Edward and Andrew at Balmoral Castle, seven miles away. Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Edward’s wife, was also present because she WAS permitted to board the RAF plane with the other royals.

Harry missed the trip because he was too busy attempting to get Meghan to Balmoral and arguing with his family, according to a source. Harry is always welcome to eat with Charles whenever he is in the nation.

Harry, though, was so enraged that he declined to eat with his father and brother. It was an enormous snub. And he left Balmoral as soon as possible to get the first aircraft back to London on the open market.

Harry was seen the next morning at 8am being taken back to Aberdeen Airport in order to board a British Airways flight that took off for Heathrow at 9.45am.

He then met up with his wife in Windsor’s Frogmore Cottege.

The new Prince of Wales urged Harry and Meghan to accompany him and Kate on their stroll to meet supporters at Windsor Castle on September 10 in an effort to put their differences aside.

Additionally, Charles III permitted his son to don a uniform while participating in a vigil in Westminster Hall with the Queen’s other seven grandsons.

In his first speech as King, he extended a helping hand to the Sussexes as well, saying, “I want to also express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to construct their life overseas.”


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