Why don’t you want to receive it in your soul?

Fear makes us lose a lot. Sometimes I get the impression that we are looking for reasons to be afraid of something. If there is no concrete reason, no problem, our minds do not shy away from inventing a few. The easiest way is to find reasons to be afraid of a relationship, to open our hearts to him … because we don’t know what the outcome will be and we are simply terrified of disappointment.


There are a lot of things that keep you away from the man we seem to want, but we don’t want to accept him in any way. Maybe in the past we have been hurt and we do not want to repeat the experience in any way, maybe you are afraid that he will not accept you as you are, maybe you do not want to change something in your life, you do not want your independence either affected, you don’t want to share your happiness with another person … or that you will never be able to be happy with him.


I know that love is not easy … I know that it is difficult to find our soul mate and that up to that point we may suffer, be disappointed. But we will definitely return when we meet our “he”. The hard question is, “Should I let him make me happy?” Change is not always bad, but to always receive it with open arms we must always protect our soul and think. Even if it’s tempting to throw ourselves into the arms of every man who is willing to conquer us … and that’s all, we better not do it. Realizing his intentions is easy if we look at his behavior.


We have to be careful who we leave in our hearts … because he can come out at some point … and he will leave traces. And those traces will prevent us from loving later who really deserves it. Let’s take care of our souls and go step by step, after making sure that the decisions are good!


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